AV Roadmap Project

Applegate Valley Economic Vitality Roadmap

With help and support from:

  • Rural Development Initiatives
  • Ford Family Foundation
  • Applegate Valley Oregon Vintners Association
  • Grants Pass & Joesphine County Chamber of Commerce Foundation

an Applegate Valley community plan referred to as the Applegate Valley Economic Vitality Roadmap Project was undertaken. In a fast action process, Rural Development Initiatives (RDI) staff facilitated the development of a “roadmap to economic success in the Applegate Valley”, including :

  • Evidence-based community economic assessment
  • Focus Group meetings (held in October to gain some insight on the current thoughts of our residents and business owners)
  • Several Community meetings (one a month from November 2016,through April 2017)
  • Surveys and interviews to identify priorities for action
  • Development of a short list of top community priorities for action for economic/community improvement around business development and promotion of the Applegate Valley’s assets
  • 90-day+ action plans and community action teams to implement the identified priorities
View the current Community Priority List


The Roadmap process surfaced these key initiatives in addition to our continued commitment to the park:  local business support, engaging youth and families, and community connections.  You will be hearing more about each of these initiatives in the coming months.  If you would like to help launch them, please contact us through the contact page.

Beyond the Roadmap: Applegate Valley Connect

The community’s priorities identified through the Roadmap process, particularly the desire to bring voice to Applegate values and support and grow Applegate Valley businesses, led to the idea to create an open source community website.  A work group is actively engaged in designing the website now, with support from Community Systems and the Ford Family Foundation.

The community website is called Applegate Valley Connect (applegateconnect.org), and it will link the many distinct neighborhoods of the Applegate River watershed by sharing information about local events, community projects, news and stories, non-profit organizations, businesses and other groups within the valley. It also includes news and announcements from the BLM, Forest Service, and other government agencies. The goal of creating the website is to better connect all the unique communities of the Applegate Valley, despite their geographic separations and different counties, into a cohesive entity, The Applegate, a special place whose residents, Applegaters, are working together for their common good.